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"Luxury interior" means the harmony of space, the highest quality in every detail provided by the best furniture, lighting and decor factories. Saying "luxury" we reveal the total perception of the interior: visual, tactile, intuitive.

A Confident Interior

Our art of design is a delicate mixture of styles, it is ultramodern filling in classical wrapping. There's no kitsch in our interiors. We prefer spaces with insanely daring, self-confident interiors. Things that will stay in fashion for many and many years.

Our work is diverse in activities, but our favourite thing is design of homes and private interiors. For this we built a team of high-class interior designers, architects, masters of style and engineers. Thanks to these amazing people we dare to start any project, even the hardest one.

The chief quality criterion is the elaboration of the tiniest details of the interior. Every stage of designing, building and fitting interior out is under control of the project designer.

Our strength is a mixture of deep skills with a fresh look at design. We stay on top of new trends and bring innovations to any project, even in the smallest detail.

Our designers are a little bit of psychologists because choice of style is based on a customer's taste. This approach gives the interior personal charm and perfection.

If a customer loves absolutely incompatible styles in one canvas, we accept it as a challenge. We love to mix and this is the chance when a principally innovative project may be born.

When you meditate all day long about the project you catch the insight how to carry out a perfect interior. You just get the right call.

No challenge - no progress

The best interior cannot be boring. Being gorgeous, luxury or minimalistic, it must have its punchline. And this is a challenge.

Foresighting of the result allows us to see and create perfect things, to find unique colors, ornaments and details. The search goes on in elaboration of planning solutions and 3D sketches. The best findings turn into drawings and technical assignments. The project is crowned with furniture, lighting and accessories.

Every time we work out 'deux aux machina'. Things that never have existed before, which creation requires a challenge. Floating in the air objects, stairs and fireplaces whose appeal lies in technical excellence. Without these technological and compositional miracles, the project will take place, but it will not be so interesting. For the technical implementation, we choose the best performers, a little crazy like we are.

The studio had been founded by natural-born designers, our creative work does not often fit into the framework of generally accepted management standards. But it is creativity that gives us strength and uniqueness.


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