Noble furniture, works of art, functional and aesthetically perfect decors that do not conflict in shape and colour, but complement each other, all these details perform space de luxe

Four stages of FF&E

We start complectation even at the very first stages of the project development. The designer estimates in advance what kind of furniture and light should be chosen. Furniture and lighting play a leading role, and when everything is complemented by the appropriate decor, we expect for the effect of a "happy surprise". And this happy feeling will stay for many years.

A holistic view and understanding of the values, taste, lifestyle, and expectations of future owners is the keystone to project success. So the art of matching details, the ability to work out a proper decor for a space is a first proof of the high quality service. The whole process is divided in four stages: preparation of specifications, design validation and control, negotiations with suppliers of furniture, accessories and decor, and then delivery and final strokes that make the picture complete.


The specification includes all details of future perfection: house and outdoor furniture, technical lighting, decorative lighting, carpets, textiles, accessories for different sectors, dishes, plants and flowers.

Design agreement

We know the value of time and choose the most comfortable way for coordination of work. If the customer hasn't enough time to dip into details we discuss only the essential and the most important keypoints: swatches, sketches and illustrations. In other cases we act together, visit showrooms and invite customers to oversee the process.

Global partnership

A global network of suppliers, thoroughly selected by us, gives certain price preferences. It is a firm guarantee that cost of supplies won't exceed the budget and the whole hi-end interior will be a winning investment

Final result

We work out and carry out projects always keeping our clients in mind and heart. This makes us aware every time about our noble mission and responsibility for the result when the smallest article of the completed interior matches the designing plan.

Interior designing is a conclusion of all the stages. FF&E is a part of work when the project takes its body and flesh and begins to live a life of its own.

One point, one gate

TRANSFORMA is a single point of contact, it is a center for coordination and making all decisions in one gate. Inspection over all processes allows us to see the whole picture, at every stage of work.

For each contract we select brands exactly matching the style and spirit of the house. We negotiate with suppliers, visit factories and exhibitions. We are busy searching for novellities and evaluating the quality. And every time we chose the top things that the worldwide market may offer. Our partners that help us to reach the pinnacles of perfect interiors are Longhi, Vittoria Frigerio, Smania, Fendi, Preciosa, Barovier & Toso, Poliform, Roche Bobois, Giorgetti, Sans Souci, Masiero… and many other luxury brands.

Being partners with manufacturers of furniture, fittings and decors of hi-end class we ourselves have and open for our clients an access to masterpieces done in a single copy or in a limited edition. If we don't find the desired thing we order it exclusively and our client becomes the owner of a unique piece of art.

FF&E design is a vision and transformation of a space into interior. We evaluate the materials and see how each item influences the place, in terms of functionality, aesthetics and the demands of high style.


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