Architecture. Design. Hi-end
We Introduce "elite class" of indoor and outdoor design for private investors and corporations having the highest requirements for aesthetics and functionality.

Our art is architectural and interior hi-end based on the latest engineering achievements. Searching for new forms, solutions and technologies we constantly experiment mixing diverse styles of design and architecture.

The company's headquarter is in Milan. In the center of the world's capital of fashion and design we create and implement projects that highlight the exclusive status of our customers and investors. Our activities are worldwide extended, especially in the Arab Emirates and Dubai.
Our Principles
On the top of design creativity it is not enough just to do one's job well and even perfectly. We must be sure that results exceed expectations.

In one project we draw together concepts and views incompatible at first glance. That's how we generate ideas that are crazy enough to be brilliant.

It is an insight to personal visions and exact implementation of wishes. Our art in architecture and interior design is a natural extension and holistic reflection of the customer's thoughts and intentions.

We put innovations first. That's why our findings distinguish us from other "luxury" solutions, they are always fresh and surprising.

Luxury has no simple solutions. Each element of a building or interior that we carry out is either a high-tech or hi-end product. We have set goals of creating elements of exquisite beauty and unique complexity, and we strive for it in all projects.
+ 1 000 000
square meters of elite space in developed and implemented projects
partners, including famous family firms manufacturing handmade furniture, decor and surfacing materials
+ 1 000
highly creative workers, that generate and implement best ideas in the world
+ 80
years of collective experience in design, development and construction in the luxury segment
+ 60
+ 60
projects in the field of architecture, design of public spaces and villas deluxe
+ 20
cities in the world where our ideas have already been embodied
Our activities
We refine skills, knowledge and expertise in four main activities. It is architecture, design of public spaces, interior design, and FF&E. This strategy allows us to see the entire project and control all stages of work - from the first sketch to the final touches
Architecture design
A fresh understanding of architecture is that we rely on classical traditional canons and transform them in the spirit of tomorrow. Spaces and forms are not a tribute to fashion, but a trend beyond time, always relevant, independent of temporary beliefs about fashion.

In the focus of each project stays a person, with his ideas about comfort and beauty, about luxury and status that real estate can deliver. Before the start we examine deeply the requests and perceptions of our customers. And then relying on the total picture we propose our vision.

For the implementation of architectural projects, we ourselves choose contractors and provide architectural supervision at each stage of construction.
Public Spaces
"Luxury" is an eye for details of public interiors of banks, international companies, hotels where royal families, presidents of countries and corporations stay.

These spaces require functionality, ergonomics, highly and exceptionally attractive appearance - the things corresponding to the notions of comfort and luxury familiar to high society.

We do not work in one and the same style. Each time we create something new and unique. The object can take classic or futuristic outlines, it can have its own history or grow out of the legends of the place.

Working out the projects of terraces, halls, buildings, we rely on the architectural concept, find non-standard engineering solutions and create an overall picture that gives the effect of "happy surprise".
Interior design
In this field we are looking for innovative and even fascinating engineering and technical details.

Almost every element of the interior is a work of famous masters specializing in luxury stoves, bathroom equipment, and electrical appliances. The project team reveals the most daring ideas in familiar objects.

Alien to mass markets, we create an overall picture of the interior, where every element is a work of art.
Furniture and Decor
Selection of furniture and decor for the project is a stage of design work, and at the same time an independent activity. Having substantial experience in the development of "luxury" interior designs, we carried out an algorithm that allows us to get the world's best and most exclusive furnishings.

Thanks to our extensive network of contacts, we know in advance in what part of the world this very mirror, lamp, armchair or bookshelf may be done, and this thing becomes the royal accord in the general symphony. As a rule, these are the most expensive, exclusive interior items, produced in limited edition or in a single copy.

Working in a team helps to achieve a unified vision of the best result. Our architects, designers and engineers consult each other on arranging the objects, or the choice of lighting.
Our Team
The main reason that ensures the quality lies in total engagement in the process of work, absolute dedication to it. Among us world-class masters who have been working in the chosen activity for many years - designers, architects, interior designers, FF&E designers.

We focus on a single market segment - luxury design. It is definitely a niche market, with highest requirements for quality, visual aesthetics, and challenge of implementation. Therefore, each of our projects is unique, for it had been created for the requests and requirements of the world elite.
Our Service Policy
Service deluxe starts at the first meeting with perfect seeing what customer say and mean, then of transforming words and wishes in sketches and visual objects.We always listen, hear and fulfill what is expected.
It concerned not only questions of art and creativity. After the project has been signed we organise the work with factories, contractors and suppliers for the best result.
And we provide control at every stage. No matter where the object was situated, the customer can connect to duty specialist and get an exhaustive reply about status and process of work.
XXII Carat Club Villas on The Palm Jumeirah Island Dubai
Three lines of wonderful villas are designed and built on the shores of crescent island in the background of the famous Dubai skyscrapers. That is "XXII Carat", a new private club complex and elite residence.
Three lines of delight
We set ourselves a task to create not only a single interior, or one-off concept. Our intent was much wider. We decided to fulfill a constellation of villas de luxe. Performed in a single architectural manner (that is intrinsic to a club community) the buildings do not replicate each other's inner design in a whole or in detail.

Each of them has its own character, its own identity, its inimitable voice and charm. All details are executed with jewelry precision and grace, both in the outlook and in the interior design of buildings.

22 villas ranging from 863 to 1228 square meters are thoroughly thought-out. Every villa is arranged in the depth of the courtyard. Exotic plants provide shade and protection from curious eyes and ears.
Design de luxe
The charm of luxury is in the straight lines of the Mediterranean style. Close look reveals the handmade details of unique materials like high-mountain Italian marble on the floor that are carried out by Italian fashion trendsetters.

The luxury that is hidden in the forms and tones only emphasizes the taste and sense of style of the owners according to the principle: nothing unnecessary. And everything that was chosen for the interior or decor can become a part of the world wonders collection.

In fact, true luxury is inside the room. In each villa there are spacious living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms, furnished and decorated with masters of European and Italian design families.

Each villa has its own concept, leaving no place for accidental details. Any shade of texture, color and lights play a leading part here. And every detail wins hearts with the beauty of solution and functionality.
Details of the Interior
The jewel of the first line of villas is the magnificent Baldi bathtub. Crafted from a single piece of uncut 10 ton Amazon Crystal this rough diamond is made by Italian masters. Only a few royal families of Europe could take a bath in a masterpiece like this. It takes the top of the most expensive bathtubs in the world. Beyond crystal the club's collection is supplemented by handmade bathtubs of rose quartz with gold trim, decorated by rare gemstones.

The kitchens are individually designed and their furniture is decorated with natural wood and stone. Here the creations of famous Italian families also reign, revealing magic in each detail. Stone countertops, precious wood and high-tech filling from brands such as Miele and La Corne. Every smallest detail is just a perfection.

Details are a matter of high priority. And the ladders are no exception. A metaphor for transition from everyday life and business routine to a bedroom privacy of the upper floor ladder must be a true masterpiece of art and engineering. That's why any of them is in the focus of an entire team of engineers, designers and architects.

Sliding partitions turn an open gazebo into a glass room in two seconds. There are only four rainy days in Dubai year, and it will be so nice to watch drops from closed and in the meanwhile open place.

The interior and exterior walls are decorated in a Mediterranean style in white, beige or terracotta shades, which gives a feeling of freshness even on the sunniest day. Air conditioning and marble floors provide nice coolness.
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