XXII Carat
Charm of Luxury
XXII Carat Club Villas is a private residential area with 200 meter long beach and 22 villas placed on Palm Jumeirah island, close to the hotels One&Only the Palm and Jumeirah Zabeel Saray.

Three lines of luxury villas lay on the crescent island in the background of the famous Dubai skyscrapers. The name of the village club is associated with jewelry. Carats measure the value of gold, diamonds and gemstones. "Carats" of new residential estate symbolize the value of life in one of the loveliest places created by man.
The style of Mediterranien architecture was chosen by no chance. Based on the traditions of Greece, Spain, France, countries lying on the shores of the hot and fabulous sea, this style became a sign of luxury, prosperity and exceptional quality
We overviewed how ancient and Renaissance architects artfully adopted elements of styles of other schools and cultures, then we took the best from their art and created impressive elite housing.
And now the style of villas, decoration of their outdoor territory and interior design are borrowed from masters of the past and accomplished with the newest technological achievements.
The task was to carry out not a single interior, no one-off concept. Our intent was much wider. We decided to create a constellation of villas de luxe. Performed in a single architectural manner (that is intrinsic to a club community) the buildings do not replicate each other's inner design in a whole or in detail. Each of them has its own character, its own identity, its inimitable voice and charm. All details are executed with jewelry precision and grace, both in the outlook and in the interior design of buildings.
22 villas ranging from 863 to 1228 square meters are designed for the dreamlike life of 22 owners, their families and guests. Every villa is arranged in the depth of the courtyard. Exotic plants give shade and shelter from curious eyes and ears. Sitting on the patio you can't see or hear what your neighbours do. They don't hear the sound of your life too. Each villa is surrounded by a garden with landscaping. A beautiful island of silence, comfort and privacy!
The charm of luxury is modestly hidden in the straight lines of the patrician style. But this modesty is only seeming. Close look reveals the handmade details of unique materials, like high-mountain Italian marble on the floor, made by Italian fashion trendsetters. The luxury hidden in forms and tones only emphasizes the taste and sense of style of the owners according to the principle: nothing unnecessary, but everything that was chosen for the interior or decor can become a part of the world wonders collection.
Every item of home and street furniture and decor is of a special edition. It concerns terracotta tiles, roof terraces, pool areas, gazebos and shady pergolas.
In fact, true luxury is inside the room. In each villa there are spacious living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms, furnished and decorated with masters of European and Italian design families
The jewel of the first line of villas is the magnificent Baldi bathtub. Crafted from a single piece of uncut 10 ton Amazon Crystal this rough diamond is made by Italian masters. Only a few royal families of Europe could take a bath in a masterpiece like this. It takes the top of the most expensive bathtubs in the world. Beyond crystal the club's collection is supplemented by handmade bathtubs of rose quartz with gold trim, decorated by rare gemstones.
The kitchens are individually designed and their furniture is decorated with natural wood and stone. Here the creations of famous Italian families also reign, revealing magic in each detail. Stone countertops, precious wood and high-tech filling from brands such as Miele and La Corne. Every smallest detail is just a perfection.
Details are always a matter of high priority. And the ladders are no exception. A metaphor for transition from everyday life and business routine to a bedroom privacy of the upper floor, the ladder is a true masterpiece of art and engineering. That's why all of them are in the focus of an entire team of engineers, designers and architects.
The task was to equip the villas so that any square centimeter was a harmonious chord in a symphony of 1000 square meters. Each villa has its own concept, leaving no place for accidental details, and any shade of texture, color and lights play a leading part here.

Every item of the space is surprising with the beauty of the solution and functionality.
So, sliding partitions turn an open gazebo into a glass room in two seconds. There are only four rains in 365 Dubai days, and it will be so nice to watch drops out of closed and in the meanwhile opened place.
The walls indoors and outdoors are decorated in a Mediterranean style in white, beige or terracotta tones, which gives a feeling of freshness even on the sunniest day. Air conditioning and marble floors provide nice coolness.
Palm Jumeirah is sunny all the year round. Sunlight comes easily through windows and "second light", it fills up the halls with high ceilings and two-level halls. And when day turns to evening and night, lamps of rare beauty illuminate bedrooms, living rooms and studies.
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